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Hi, I am Swapnil Birari. All these years Experimenting and Cooking new Recipes, Decorating, and giving my house a turnover have always been my high. These activities have thrilled me from the start and I enjoy every bit of them. My best moments include when I would make my mom taste a delicious recipe that I made or surprise her by giving any part of our house a small makeover by using small DIYs and decorating our house by brainstorming and using small, easy-to-make DIY products and complementing the overall look by buying some pocket-friendly products from amazon or other e-commerce websites.

                     Creating Happy memories is a vital part of everyone’s life, so I decided to share all the factors that have contributed to the happiness in my life by using this website as an ideal platform. Through my years of experience gained by various fun trials and errors, I bring you the most delicious recipes along with the best home décor ideas that would create the perfect ambiance coupled with tasty, mouthwatering food for your most beloved family and friends, to create unforgettable moments of never-ending cheers and laughter